In today’s time we come across a multitude of content, be it articles, videos, or images. The ones which seem to catch our eyes the most have something to do with being a tale about someone’s journey to success.

These stories impact us. They can motivate us, give us ideas and help us move towards achieving our goals. Many times in these stories we read about people who took a risk and moved out of their comfort zone to go after what they believed in. My friend is one of those people who left behind a known and comfortable environment to go after his dreams.

Ronald is the founding member of  “Parties in Town“. He had an idea which he sailed with across a sea of doubts and failures and just like a good captain, he never abandoned the ship. 

Making his own way:

When Ronald’s idea met with criticism he took it constructively and didn’t lose his zeal and confidence in his idea. He knew that the market is changing and he will find his place in it. He focused on learning from his experience and honed his skills while moving ahead on his path.

Challenges and lessons:

The main challenge he overcame was to bring people with unique sets of skills, to work together, towards a single goal. He developed his own skills as well in social media marketing to use social channels for his benefit.



Every story has a purpose behind it and for Ronald, it was to become an expert in the industry. He accepted the roadblocks he encountered and worked towards finding a way around them while never losing his belief in his idea. How one faces the hurdles plays an important role in where one will end up one day.

Ronald started the meet-up and parties to connect people from different backgrounds and interests and bring them together to the same platform. From meager 1-2 events in a month, now he has made a name for himself in the event industry in Bangalore. He is now planning to take his business to other cities as well and create a footprint across the country. 



In his journey, Ronald faced many tough scenarios. He focused on learning from them instead of letting them bring him down. One situation that he recalls was when once during an event the main lead refused to perform. He relied on the lead to stay true to his contract after practicing for months for the event. With a crowd waiting for the event to begin, what helped him was his knack for planning ahead. He put his Plan B in motion and ended up having a successful event. His goal was to make sure his crowd had an amazing experience, filled with energy and fun, it didn’t matter who was behind the mike. 

Survive in any situation:

During this pandemic, he has managed to keep his business afloat. The event industry took a big hit but he found ways to manage his events while following the lockdown restriction. They played with some innovative ideas, such as people having private cabins when they enter the party so that they can enjoy themselves while staying safe. His clients could enjoy concerts while sitting in their car thus avoiding the risk but now the fun. He quoted that we have survived before and will do the same in the future.


One message from him to everyone who is radiant this would be – Fear is a bigger enemy than the virus, fight it out because the worst is over and the best is yet to come. So be ready for it!


The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself. It is not in your environment, it is not in luck or chance, or through the help of others, it is in yourself alone – orison sweet marden.

You have to create your opportunity. Do not wait for them to come to you – Bliss quote. 


The Article information is based on the conversation held between Team Member Mr. Naval Kishore and the Founder of “Parties in Town” Mr. Ronald.

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